Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girl of the Week: Anna Karina

So I have always had a love for all things French as I know many other 20something girls do. Pretty recently I have been having a very large obsession with Anna Karina after watching the film Pierrot le Fou which Anna plays one of the main characters. As some may call her (myself included) the Audrey Hepburn of France, she's got the most perfect blunt bangs a girl could have and a killer personality. Join me as I girl crush the beautiful and awesome Anna and dream of living in the glorious era of the 60's in France. Doesn't everyone just wish they could go back in time; at least for a little while?

If you have never seen Pierrot le Fou I highly recommend it. It is a great indie film of the 1960's and I think had it come out today, would have the same following as it did during its actual release.

 Au Revior for now internet friends!

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