Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY: Hair Bow

Happy Sunday everyone! My last hair DIY seemed to be pretty popular so I may as well add another one! Other than the infamous Lady Gaga sporting a hair bow, I've seen them popping up a bit. They can actually be pretty cute for an every day style and not too hard to do. I'll admit it does take a few tries to get it right but when its done it does dress up your normal routine.
So lets get right to it:



1. Some Bobby-pins (about 5)
2. 1-2 Hair ties
3. Some hairspray if desired

STEP 1. Start off by deciding what area of your hair you would like to make into a bow. For myself (seeing as I have shorter hair) I decided to use the top half of my hair. You can also place all your hair into a bow if you so desire. In my dreams I am doing just that, but until then I'lI rock the half up half down 'do. Once decided pull all of this hair up into a group above your head.

STEP 2. Take this hair and place it into a pony tail above your head. Depending on how messy or neat you would like your bow, this is how loose you will make the pony. I chose to make it loose/messy due to the fact that I just look messy in general from all the running around I do; I prefer to use the word "effortless workaholic chic" look. I mean; whaaaattever.

STEP 3. Take a pony tail holder and pull the hair through, only half way so you begin to make the first side of the bow (look at you already gettin' your bow look on)! Repeat this step on the opposite side, leaving a small tail remaining.

STEP 4. Take the tail and fold it over between your two loops of bow. Use bobby-pins to keep this in place. Also add a few pins to keep the rest of your bow in place,

STEP 5. Enjoy! Like I said earlier I tend to be a "girl on the run" so more times than not my hair is up and out of my face, so with this style I did just that. You can wear it up or down or half down; however you like! Below I have pictured it both ways.

Hope you enjoyed this little hair DIY. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a nice lazy Sunday!


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