Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

So as I was getting coffee with a friend today I came to the realization that I have no idea what to be for Halloween! I really love to do DIY costumes and have the ability to save the pieces from the outfit and wear them in everyday life afterwards. So I came up with a few ideas, hopefully some you love, let me know! I still have yet to chose an outfit myself, let the halloween gods help me!

so here it goes...


Minnie Mouse! Cute and playful and a costume you can freely move around in PLUS keep all of the items used for the outfit and wear them out on a regular day!


I love love love stripes and think this would be a really cute do-it-yourself costume. You can even substitute the striped jeans for regular black jeans! Its always fun to wear a costume and be able to wear a mask that won't make you look like a crazy person (you'll still be able to pick up all the dudes hehe).

Soooo incase you were wondering I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and love any chance I get to show it off. Figure this is another outfit you can go out all night in with no problems, and its way comfy. I always run into the problem that its usually pretty cold on Halloween, with this outfit you're wearing a comfy hooded sweater, problem solved!
I saw a post on Facebook the other day of someone freaking out over all things space printed and thought to myself, why don't they just wear it all over! (Or, Why don't you just marry it? bad joke I know). Thus came to the realization with all the galaxy printed stuff coming out now-a-days why not utilize that into a costume! And have fun with the makeup, use the colors of your outfit in your eyeshadow!

Any other cool costumes or ideas? Share them with me, I'd love to see them!
If you like this post let me know, I do another before Halloween hits.

Until next time

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