Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloweenie Part 2!


Apparently my post from last week was super popular with all you ladies and fellas so here is round two! Some are requests and some are just ideas that I have come up with. My main concern with costumes via halloween is that the main parts of it are re-usable for future fabulous attire and that the accessories are your splurge-eqsue halloween items. I mean come on, it is halloween after all and I know I do love a good zombie makeup fiasco or an excuse to buy a lightsaber because "It's for my halloween outfit I swear." or no excuses are really necessary. So grab your best garb and get your makeup brushes ready because Halloween is just around the corner!

ps. Any requests? Would you like me to post another Halloween post next week? Let me know in a comment!


So I am a huge fan of pretty detailed collars, so why not add one of those to this cute little number? In the classic story Little Red Riding Hood has a blue bell skirted dress on with black suspenders (?) not too sure what they are but they look like suspenders to me. The coat in this photo does have a hood but in reality you can always make your own "Red Hood" or go on a hunt for a bat winged hooded button up, I'm preetttyyy sure American Apparel has one somewhere. The tights in the photo are also my favorite at the moment. Which can be found by clicking HERE, they're from Urban Outfitters and are mock-thigh highs, my main reason for lust is that they can't fall down! And they're super comfy!


If you are like myself than you have never really seen many Wes Anderson movies and have repeatedly been scolded by friends who believe them to be classics, or marvels of our time. Well a recent friend forced me to watch a few of his movies (which really are very good) in which I then came to the conclusion that Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaum's is the chillest of ladies. If you don't own lace anklet socks already, this outfit is reason to buy them. They are great for fall weather to begin with and make you instantly awesome. So try this out, watch the movie, and let every hip little indie boy and girl praise you on your witty costume choice that you just "threw together super quick, its not a big deal".


Keeping with the movie theme I may have to do this one myself this year, it has been on my list of outfits to try. It seems like so much fun, and Im not really too sure why I have a love of fake lashes but never really get to wear them. This is another movie that if you haven't yet seen you really should get on that. I think the most exciting thing you'll have to search for is the cane, and if you don't already own them buy a pair of doc's seriously, you won't regret it.

Keepin' it cute, if you like the whole cutesy vibe and want to ditch the combat boots heres a little dress that I find not so horrible. Free people makes a similar, more "sexed up" dress found HERE that can be worn, I really love anything that they put out (they are my shopping weakness) and you can really go from cute to, god-damn in a hot second. 

So that's all for now, hopefully work and my classes don't get the best of me and I can find time to add some more posts. Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Until next time

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