Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY: Waterfall Braids

So I'm not too sure about all of you but I pretty much love any hairstyle that includes braids of any sort. Call me crazy but it makes any hair day a nice day, and any hairdo look instantly super bohemian. So my sister helped me out with this one allowing me to do her hair due to mine lacking length. 

Here it is, something that I found via the internet that I at first thought would be really difficult to try, but once starting it all up found it to be easy as pie!


1. Bobby-Pins 
2. Some sort of texture creme or pomade
** I used Bumble & Bumble Texture hair (un)dressing creme, to add grip to her hair so it would be easier to braid and have more of a bohemian feel.**

Split the hair into two sections parting it from one ear to the other. Take the bottom half of the hair and push it away for the time being. You'll be taking strands from it later so just push it to the opposite side that you will begin braiding. 

Begin French braiding your hair starting from your temple and working your way back to about your ear. Once you get here, then the fun begins!

When you get to about your ears worth of braid begin dropping a little bit of hair and also grabbing a little with every other braid. Continue to braid and drop, braid and drop...make your way around the rest of your head.

Once you reach your other ear you'll notice you have a bunch of hair facing the direction of your mirror  but thats fine, just keep braiding your hair in the upward direction. The braid will end up going on top of your head so try to braid in that general direction.

Place the braid on top of your head and bobby pin it down so it reaches the beginning of the other side. Tuck in any spots that are sticking out and such.

And there you have it! Wonderful waterfall braids!
Im sorry I'm not sorry that I have such a love of braids, they're just so cute!

enjoy your weekend all

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