Thursday, April 25, 2013

Backpack Full of Bricks

The other day I was home on Long Island when my friend Ryan texted me. We decided to hang out but as per usual we didn't know what to do. "We have to go on an adventure" I said to him, next thing I know were trying to beat the clock before the sun goes down and Caumsett Park closes, which is at 7:30pm according to Siri. Well, little did I know that the sun begins to set at this time and not completely sets (silly me) giving us time to really explore the park a bit.  And oh did we explore. The park was once an estate owned by Marshall Field III, the creator of the Chicago Tribune originally purchased and created in the 1920's. He had everything from an English estate to a country club, to a horse stable, you name it. Well after his passing the grounds became a national landmark making them untouchable to all the Walmart owners and mini mall seekers. So pretty much is the cutest place in all of the land that I really recommend visiting in the summer time. It's freakin' huge, so bring a bike and a backpack with snacks.

I think my favorite thing we came upon was an old nursery building which we trekked a bit through out of pure inquisition. It was pretty cute, would have been cool to see up and running.
Hopefully I'll visit the park again soon because this park is really a great place to go and relax and forget your worries.

Hope you all get a chance to go yourself!

Any adventures you've gone on lately?

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