Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pick Up & Go - Philly

So this is a little past due, about a week ago or so my friend Ryan and I went on an impromptu trip Philly and a little bit of Jersey thrifting. We started out at Golden Nugget Flea Market, in Lambertville, NJ and then ended our day in Philadelphia. It was seriously so much fun to just get up and go one morning even if it was just for the day. Golden Nugget is my favorite spot to visit in the summer time when they have all of the outdoor vendors, but due to it being a bit chilly they decided to stay home. They're open Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday from 6am to 4pm. I recommend going early to really get the best of the picks. I ended up with a bunch of little jewelry knick-nacks and a ton of lace and doilies. I ended up using them to make a few little pillows for my room as well as little throws for my bed. If any of you are interested in seeing those I'll be happy to share.

The second stop was once we got into Philly. Thanks to a friends recommendation we stopped at El Camino Real to get some real bitchin' buffalo wings (vegetarian may I ad) and enjoyed happy hour in Northern Liberties (an area I recommend perusing around when you get the chance.) Afterwards to try and not get too drunk to drive back we grabbed a god-like cup of coffee at One Shot, spot number two I recommend for a dirty chai and doughnut that will knock your socks off. Yes, I used that phrase.

That's all! See you guys next trip!

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