Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Philly" Me Up Buttercup

So yet again I was off to another trip to Philly with my best friend Ryan. We really wanted to take advantage of the nice weather so we planned on visiting the Magic Gardens, going to the park, and then enjoying a nice happy hour before heading home. I gotta say going to the Magic Gardens was probably one of the better ideas I've had in a while. It was beautiful! Magic Gardens is an indoor/outdoor art gallery that preserves the artwork and mosaic exhibits of Isaiah Zagar. Believe it or not the whole area is made by Zagar and Zagar only. He began working on the exhibit in 1994 and has beautified Philadelphia ever since. To read more about the Magic Gardens and the work of Isaiah Zagar click here. Or go take a visit yourself, the ladies at the desk did a great job of giving us a synopsis of his story.

After that escapade we ended up enjoying some time in the park and then headed over to El Camino Real (a favorite of mine) for an awesome happy hour. It was a great day all and all.

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