Sunday, July 28, 2013

Whatever Forever

Lets try something new here. After talking to one of my friends and fellow coworkers I decided to try and make this more of a video blog, or a "vlog" if you will. Possibly sometime in the near future I may have a friend join me with this to help make the load a bit easier and post maybe 2 posts a week. With a mix of some plain photo or DIY posts. Anyone have any suggestions or comments? Leave them below!

Now to the good stuff, I recently went on vacation (thanks Dad) to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my family along with my sisters boyfriend and my friend Ryan who is actively seen on this here blog. Well we had a freakin amazing time doing everything from dancing on top of a DJ booth to absolutely nothing but laying out tanning and drinking tequila sunrises. Apart from the booze and sunshine, we spent part of the trip celebrating two different birthdays of our fellow vacation goers but we also had the chance to light off a few lil fire works. I gotta say I'm not a big beach person but if I had to pick between vacation and NYC in a heatwave I think you'd be stoked on this trip too.

Anyway, take a look at the photos below, take a gander at the video above and let me know where you would like to go on your next vacation.

Peace out ladies and gents, until next time x

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