Sunday, October 14, 2012

Take You Downtown to Chinatown

Sometimes the stresses of life really get to you and you find yourself yearning for that adventure of a day, or weekend, or hour, or minute. Well after tons of crazy hours and work and endless nights of writing philosophy papers and tedious French studies; I did just that. I went down-town to china-town, and a little bit of Brooklyn venture mixed in. My friend Jesse was nice enough to join me on my escapades as we ate lychee, watched some awesome street performers, witnessed a motorcycle accident (minor one, don't worry the dude was ok!) and enjoyed a dinner of chinese glory filled with pan fried noodles and buddha delight, we basked in the glory of what a relaxing weekend should be. Sometimes you need to just grab an iced chai and hit the road no GPS hand held map kinda style, grab a cup of bubble tea and dance in the subway, grab a cup of green tea and have conversations with strangers, or grab a bottle of water and be reminded of how hard it is to find a public restroom in New York. Never the less a great day is a great day and I cannot wait for more like it. This blog is inspiring me to go out more, do more and have fun. Join me?

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